Tricity Concrete Lifting understands how foundation issues can be the most troubling problem any householder ever have to go through. Tricity Concrete Lifting offers you a group of modern and experienced professionals who can help you raise and stabilize foundations.

Concrete lifting which is also called Polyjacking concrete raising, concrete lifting, slab jacking, or concrete stabilization is a cost-effective and an efficient concrete repair process which uses the technology of injecting concrete material below sunken concrete slabs.


We offer raising and stabilizing on following existing concretes:

1. Driveways

2. Sidewalks

3. Patios

4. Basement

5. Slab

6. Pool Decks

7. Warehouse

Why should you choose us?

Tricity Concrete Lifting has updated modern technologies, our process is clean, simple and cost-effective. We focus on repairing your concrete on the spot, instead of repouring it which can save you a lot of money.

We offer concrete raising that’s less than half the price of replacement.

Our qualified experts with knowledge and the most modern equipment including professionally the engineered system uniquely designed by us.

Our segments are made up of high strength steel which is corrosion resistant, has the amazing shear strength and strong resistance. Our segments are hydraulically driven and used one at a time for proper support and foundation.

We use SPI’s Eco-R↑se™ polyurethane foam which has been successfully used for decades in concrete raising and stabilization.

We have been able to provide world class services while being safe to the environment as it doesn’t carry any dangerous heavy metal catalysts, ozone-depleting products or bromine Components.