Most of the concrete areas being used today like driveways, sidewalks, warehouses are designed to withstand just foot loads.

What is the reason for it?

Corrosion: One thing that destroys the concrete is physical damage but one of the most important factors for concrete damage is corrosion. A process called carbonation is typically used to prevent such damage. In this method of passive surface conditioning, carbon dioxide from the external atmosphere is made to react with the pore solution which eventually makes the solution less acidic as pH lowers down.


Chloride-induced attack: Another reason for degradation of concrete is chloride induced attack.

Sometimes, harmful chloride species can originate from the external environment and it damages the concrete noticeable. This can take the form of acid rain or formation of voluminous corrosion products. This creates tensile stress on the concrete and spalling of concrete cover.

Settling: Sometimes, It’s just the poor construction and usage of poor grade products that takes a the toll on concrete. In such cases, we use reinforced wire mesh to increase the tensile stress and eventually, prevent failure of the concrete.

How can we prevent that?

Our highly trained unit quickly identifies the problem and can remove your degraded concrete replacing it with new concrete that matches with the surrounding and fits perfectly.

Our solutions aren’t merely a quick-fix approach that looks good at the first go but fails eventually in the longer run. We go to the core of the problem, discover the root cause and solve it in order to prevent any future damages.

The equipment and the manpower we hold make us more than capable to handle such failures and sort it quickly without being heavy on the pocket.

Concrete Replacement has been a core activity of our undertaking and instead of wasting money on damaged products, we believe in replacement of concrete which takes very less time and money.

In addition to it, we are constantly adding new equipment, studying new ways to make your services, even more, smoother and reliable.